kindle can not push 知乎(‘s article

in the past ,we can use fivefilters to push zhihu’s article and answer to kindle ,but nowadays it can not,i try many times but fail , There are no errors in my actions, I hope could solve this problem as quickly as it can,thanks a lot. looking forward to your early reply.

The website appears to require a login. If you’re using our Push to Kindle browser extension, please make sure the ‘Use browser-retrieved content’ switch is enabled (click ‘Edit’ to access).

If it’s on and you’re still not getting the desired content, we might be able to help with extraction if you send us the HTML source. If you tell us which browser you’re using, I can give you the steps to do that.

Yes it require a login,is there any way to solve this problem?And I make sure that I have turned on the switch but still cannot use it (Push to kindle)
This is that URL :
This is that html 's website : view-source:
it is only a example.
I use the Google Chrome,
I would appreciate it if you could help me

Hi there, thanks for reporting this.

We’ve added custom extraction rules for the site to improve extraction for the /question/ pages like the one you linked. Please let us know if you still have trouble.

thanks for your answering
but it is sad that it still could not push,maybe there is other question exist. :joy: :joy:
looking forward to your reply

By the way ,the article i want to push to kindle, after I press down the Send ,then it isn’t appear in amazon‘s Pending list, maybe it would help you

OH, I found that even i use pastepad to push it still could not push .and i make sure that i Whitelist the Push to Kindle e-mail address

If the preview looks okay, and Push to Kindle shows you a ‘Sent!’ message after you click ‘Send!’, it’s quite likely an issue with email setup. See our troubleshooting page, and recent blog post.