Junk in The Economist articles

Articles from The Economist (e.g. Egypt is again under military rule, but Sisi lacks Nasser’s appeal | The Economist) sometimes contain audio tracks, which are accompanied by annoying banners that end up in the rss text:

Hopefully the app promotion can be removed while keeping the audio track in place.

Also, some post (e.g. The week in charts: Global jihad, Apple’s success, the Federal Reserve and more | The Economist) contains mail list promotion (“Hand-picked stories, in your inbox”) that is disruptive in rss text as well.

Thanks for working on this.

Thanks for reporting this. Unfortunately I couldn’t reproduce the problem with “Listen on the go” appearing in the RSS output. Are you using our hosted solution when you see that, or are you using a self hosted version of Full-Text RSS?

This should be fixed now (might take an hour or so for the changes to take effect). If you’re self hosting, you’ll need to update the site config files.

I tested with both my self hosted instance and the public one. That “Listen on the go” junk was there when I posted this but apparently they changed it to a more subtle one liner now:

Even thought it the less intrusive it would still be great to have it removed.


Thanks. I did notice that line, and added a strip rule for it here: ftr-site-config/economist.com.txt at 3d66ea0446a3d928fd48f0b5f43a42954232ee3e · fivefilters/ftr-site-config · GitHub

So that should already be taken care of, but if you still see it, please let us know.