Javascript links as future feature

Are you going to parse Javascript? Such feature would be very helpful for users to create feeds from websites which use Javascript links and to extract content from websites which use javascript to create articles
Now there are powerfull tools to parse javascript (Browserext, PhantomJS, SlimerJS) , it looks to be good idea to integrate any of tham with Feed extractor and Full RSS

Hi Boris, it’s something we’ve been investigating for some time.

The trouble with these solutions (slimerjs/phantomjs) is that they’re incredible resource hungry compared to what we have now. So how we integrate them needs a little more work. We might offer it as an option in our self-hosted packages before we roll it out in our hosted service. But we’re not there yet.

Browserext I hadn’t come across before. Will take a look.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Thank You , Keyvan!
please inform me when such feature would be integrate. I buught both your self-hosted packages (Full RSS and Feed creator) and will be glad to buy package with javascript support
Thank You!

Boris Krotov

Never used these mentioned tools, but have tried Puppeteer and it works well. Grab the html with it, then pipe it to your conversion tool. Superb.