Items per feed limit (Self-hosted version)

I have version 2.8 (the one that is freely available) installed. I’m wondering how I would go about getting a feed with no limit.

Or, is that something that’s only available in the newer versions (2.9.5 i.e.) ??


Hi there, when you generate a feed, you can choose the number of feed items the generated feed contains. We limit this by default because the more that’s processed in each request, the longer it takes to generate the feed. Having no limit at all would mean that feeds with lots of entries, e.g. a hundred, would easily exhaust our server’s resources - we’d have to fetch and and extract content from all 100 entries and keep it all in memory before returning the result.

However, while it’s not advisable to increase this too much, you can increase the maximum by editing the config file and changing the max_entries option.

Thanks for the excellent explanation & response.
Might I ask you another little thing?
What kind of server specs should I be looking at getting if I increase the limit to 50?
Any idea what kind of server would be able to handle that with a decent amount of traffic?

Joseph S.

Hi Joseph, I can’t answer that I’m afraid as we’ve never attempted to offer it.

Thanks Keyvan, for the time you took to respond to me. :slight_smile:
I’ve been figuring this out myself, the hard way for the past few weeks.

Joseph S.

I cant see max_entries in the config.php however i see 2 variables connected to this which are max_strlen and max_strlen_images. My version is 2.4

Orvyl Tumaneng

Hi Orvyl, I’ve already replied to this in your other post, but in case anyone else finds this: max_strlen and max_strlen_images are options from our PDF Newspaper package. Whereas max_entries is from Full-Text RSS. Full-Text RSS (not the latest release) is bundled with PDF Newspaper, but its config file is separate from it, so you have to edit the right config file to change that value.