item description incomplete

I’ve a problem getting the full text of the item description:

This description text only exists on the feed-less webpage. The hyperlinked webpage is hosted on an external website. So, the full text creator does not help:

This is not currently possible with our hosted service. If you buy the code to host it yourself, we have a config file where you can adjust the maximum title/description length, which is I think what you’re after here.

We offer these configuration values in the config file:

// Max item title length
// ----------------------
// Maximum number of characters for item titles.
// Anything above this will get trimmed. 
$options->max_title_length = 150;

// Max item description length
// ----------------------
// Maximum number of characters for item descriptions.
// Anything above this will get trimmed.
$options->max_desc_length = 500;
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Thanks for your offer, but I am not yet fully convinced, because it seems that the service is unable to show full text of a wordpress-based website:

In this issue, I need it to scan the whole fulltext for certain terms by which I wish to create a filtered feed.

Full-Text RSS uses a combination of automatic article detection and custom extraction rules for specific sites. If a site doesn’t work, users can put in a request here for us to look into it, or, if they’re hosting it themselves, they can try to create extraction rules themselves using our help page or our simpler but more limited point-and-click solution.

Most WordPress sites will work fine with Full-Text RSS, but some, depending on their template or custom markup, may require custom extraction rules.

Just to be clear, we’re not suggesting you should purchase Feed Creator for just this feature. Our self-hosting products do require more work and maintenance, so there’s definitely a tradeoff. But the option is there.