Issues with Consortium News

I managed to set all parameters, except the correct URL parameter:

The parameter “a” extracts the wrong URL of the first linked category. What I need, is the last URL of the entry:
<a class=“more-link” href=“correctURL”

How to set the correct parameter for this case?

Hi there,

You should use h2 a instead of just a for item_url:

Try this:

Alternatively, you can keep what you have and strip category links:

…and you can simplify further by removing item URL and item title parameters:

Hope that helps.

In the end these variants look all the same to me. Thank you soo much, this helped me a lot. And also I could learn how to remove HTML elements.

No problem. Happy to help. The 3 links should all produce the same result, I just wanted to highlight different ways you could use the parameters to select the same items.

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