Is there a way to send articles to kindle PW without sending it to the cloud?

I have been using “push to kindle” from for a quite while now and I greatly admire this app, I actively used it for almost a year in order to read articles from my favorite magazines and websites and it worked just perfectly, much better than official “send to kindle” app, but since the recent time I started to notice that after I read an article, which initially has been sent to my Kindle Paperwhite device, I noticed that instead of deleting article entirely it’s only deleting it from my device, which means that app for some reason started to send all new articles not only to my device memory but also to my cloud, which has never happened before and now it made the process of reading not quite good, because each time in order to delete articles I need to manage my content on device via amazon website. (And that’s not a way, because I have hundreds of books and articles, really)

I want to ask whether there were some changes in the process of sending articles to devices or it’s me who messed with my settings? Though I can’t remember I did something like that since the first time I started used this wonderful app it worked wonderfully and I always used the same account and never changed kindle address.
I hope someone will help me to find out a way how can I send articles only to my device memory since I read a lot of articles, like really hundreds, and without that app working as before I can’t do it properly again.

Thanks a lot!

Andrew, thanks for the kind words!

I think at some point Amazon started storing personal documents in for all users. I’m pretty sure this was enabled for everyone. It’s helpful if you have more than one Kindle app or device linked to the same Amazon account because you can download the same article from your other device(s) too. But if you’d rather Amazon did not store these in your library, you can disable archiving of personal documents in your Kindle settings. See

There’s a section in the settings which deals with this:

Personal Document Archiving
When this option is enabled, personal documents sent to your Send-to-Kindle e-mail address will also be added to your Kindle library.

You can disable it there.

We don’t have control over that in Push to Kindle - we simply send to your Kindle email address. So these settings must be set from the Amazon side.

Hope that’s some help.