Is there a URL for Google news "For you"?

Google News has a tab for news “For you”, which they tailor to what they think I am interested in. The URL is
but I can’t figure out if there is an RSS feed URL for that.

I am not familiar with google news and I am not a dev at fivefilters. I took a short look to that service and it seems that you can’t generate a feed from a personalized news-page like “foryou” because you have to be logged in to get these news.

You can get RSS for the standard sections. Just put a /rss/ beetween hostname and 'topics'
e.g. the ‘U.S’-news:

And unfortunately I don’t see any way to generate a feed with FeedCreator from ‘foryou’, because of the alternating section design AND (of course) FeedCreator can’t be logged in to as user jtgd.

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Ah yes, that makes sense. Thanks.

I think @HolgerAusB is right here.

We did have a post sometime back about various ways of creating RSS feeds from Google News, so you might find that useful in creating a somewhat custom Google News feed: