Is full text need very much traffic

After I subjected some feeds, the traffic increase to 1000g per month, is it right? How can i resolve this problem?


Hi there,

Full-Text RSS does not do anything by itself, so we can’t really say how much bandwidth it will use. It acts as a proxy, so it’s only working when there is a request coming in for content from your feed reader, or whatever application you use to subscribe to feeds generated by Full-Text RSS. And that varies widely. So a user who subscribes to 5 feeds generated by Full-Text RSS is unlikely to use as much bandwidth as someone who subscribes to a 100. If you want to lower the amount of bandwidth used by Full-Text RSS you should try the following:

  1. Lower the number of feed items you ask Full-Text RSS to return for each feed you subscribe to. People often set this to be quite high when it doesn’t have to be. Setting the max parameter to 3 or 5 items per feed should be fine for most feeds - feed readers will detect when there’s a new item by monitoring the feed for new entries.

  2. If your feed reader lets you adjust the frequency it checks feeds for updates, try to lower it for feeds which don’t update so frequently. The more frequently your feed reader checks feeds for the updates, the more bandwidth Full-Text RSS will use pulling in content.

  3. If your instance of Full-Text RSS is publicly accessible, there may be others using it. So you might want to look into enabling the access key requirement (see the config file) to prevent others contributing to the bandwidth use.

If you find that your use requires so much bandwidth use, you might want to look into hosting options with more generous data transfer allowances. We have suggestions for VPSs you can use on our help page:

Hope that’s some help.