Is APC working or not?

Dear all,

I wanted to test caching.

Running ftr_compatibility_test.php says:
“APC is available on this server”

Running /admin/apc.php says:
No cache info available. APC does not appear to be running.”

As far as I can tell, on my server is installed APC and not APCu

Is there anything I have to change in the config to have FT-RSS use APC instead of looking for APCu?

Thank you in advance.


Dario Di Ludovico

Hi Dario,

Sorry for the late reply.

I don’t know which version of PHP and which version of Full-Text RSS you’re using, but to give you a little background, APC is a PHP extension that has two compontents: an opcode cache (to speed up PHP processing) and a user cache to let developers store data in memory. Full-Text RSS works with the user cache (if available). It can work fine without it too, however.

If you’re interested in APC’s opcode cache, to speed up processing, that works independently of Full-Text RSS, so I assume it’s already speeding things up for you. Nothing to change in Full-Text RSS itself.

Since PHP 5.5, another opcode cache was bundled with PHP, so there was little need for users to install the APC extension. (I don’t think it’s even actively developed any more.) A user cache, however, was not included. So the the user cache component of the original APC was spun off as a separate extension called APCu. If you have APC installed, Full-Text RSS will still make use of its user cache, but the APC page we link to on the admin page checks specifically for APCu - we use the standard stats page which comes with APCu, and because APC is not really used in newer versions of PHP, we didn’t want to add additional support for the older APC stats page.

If you want to see if APC’s user cache is actually being used by Full-Text RSS, you can enable debug mode when making a request and it will tell you if APC is being used or not. There should be nothing to change in the config file.

Hope that’s some help.