In just getting headline and link for few weeks

Amazon Fire 10 FHD tablet 2021 but with Google services enabled. 5F app from appstore.
Clipping other sites ok. This site only the occasional article comes thro with text. Signed into it. Using Chrome with its own pop up blocker. No add ons.

@Atheling Could you please provide us with one or two direct links of articles, that contains pictures, you are missing. I clicked a few articles from the homepage, but they all had no images inline. Only the header image, which is shown in the pushtokindle (P2K) preview.

I already fixed an image problem with that site one month ago, so I really need a a direct link. Maybe that one contains a special kind of images or a different way to embed them.

edit 1:
Meanwhile I found an article with one additional image, but this is shown in P2K preview:

edit 2:
just saw, that your problem is not about images, or? I don’t understand your text 100%. You really just see a headline and a link? But for this too: we need direct links to figure that out. and maybe a small screenshot with the relevant part

Hi thanks for replying.
Yes I most often just see a headline and the link but no text. But not always

https:// thepost/ medical-groups-are-memory-holing-their-trans-guidance/
https:// thepost/ the-murky-disinformation-group-trying-to-take-down-elon-musk/

@Atheling that was partly my fault. My site_config from last month was not tested with the /thepost/ area of unherd, which uses a slightly different html scheme as other parts of unherd.

I fixed the site_config in PR1177

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Great, thanks Holger

Ah, it’s still happening! Will it take a while to work?

yes, it is not live on P2K yet. maybe tomorrow.

@Atheling now it works, the cache has been cleared. Please retry. If you find more issues, please report here.

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The articles listed are showing properly now thanks.