I’m trying to create a siteconfig for a bunch of sites (I will upload them on GitHub if they’re done). I’ve mostly been successful except that I’m getting stuck with attributes like these:

Could you let me know if Full Text can parse such a line?

After some more testing I think it’s safe to say, that the problem is on the reader’s end. Nothing Full Text can do unfortunately.

Some websites are just difficult to work with!

Sorry for the trouble.

Arnab Das

Can you tell us what the problem is you’re experiencing? Do the images not load?

Quite a few websites have a pattern like this:

<figure class="abcd" style="width: 200px; max-width: 100%;"><div class="n-image-wrapper"><img class="n-image" srcset="image-links"></div></figure>

I’m trying to get the image-links. Now, I’m using something like:

body: //figure[@class='abcd'] 

to get the image-link. Which is proving to be quite annoying. :slight_smile:

Arnab Das

Small addition to the previous answer. Even though I manage to extract the image links, they either don’t show up at all, or even when they do, they don’t when I import them to RSS feed readers.

Arnab Das

I figured it out. It’s Firefox. It doesn’t support certain aspects of img srcset.

Arnab Das