Images Should be Here but They're Not

Original Feed with Images:

FTRSS Feed without Images:

FTRSS Feed Excerpt and without Images:

It appears that the are following the RSS Spec. If so, then why are the images not pulling up in FTR?

Note: I am using the self hosted version. However, I pulled the feeds from your site as to not expose my generator.

Hi Josen,

That feed looks like Atom not RSS - but we can parse Atom just fine and return RSS from it. If you’re referring to images marked in the im:image element - that’s not part of the Atom spec or the RSS spec - it appears to be part of the iTunes podcasting module which allows RSS/Atom to be extended to included additional information the RSS spec does not allow. There are similar extensions, such as Yahoo’s Media RSS, which we do support (to some extent) but this one we do not support, and so those elements will not be returned in our output.

We’ll try to add a custom site config for iTunes so the images can be returned inside the extracted content block - but these will not be marked up as separate image elements - at least not yet.

Ahhhh… I see.

Your proposed solution to the problem is a good one. I will look forward to seeing that work in the near future. Let me know when you have that config available.

Thanks so much!

Josen Ruiseco

Can you point me to an example of Yahoo’s Media RSS that is working with your code? And perhaps point me to the correct config file also?

Josen Ruiseco

Anything on this?

Josen Ruiseco

Can you please give me a status on your comments where you advised that you would attempt to pull the images into the main portion of the feed?

Josen Ruiseco

Hi Josen,

We’ve added extraction rules for here: (if you enable the admin area you can update your site patterns from there).

As for Yahoo’s Media RSS extension, you’ll find more details here: