Images not loading for a feed

This is the feed

Looks like the images are being loaded in lazy form. Could you please provide a site config for me to add to custom folder?

I can’t see any actual images for the articles in that feed. The images inserted by Full-Text RSS come from the og:image meta tags.

You can remove all images by adding &images=0 to the URL Full-Text RSS produces, or you can edit the site config file for this site and add:

insert_detected_image: no

See Full-Text RSS 3.8 - for the blog post about this feature

Please check this link. It has images. And yet FTR is not showing them.

This should be fixed now. If you’re using a self-hosted version of Full-Text RSS, make sure to update the site config files or just place this file in the site_config/standard/ folder: ftr-site-config/ at master · fivefilters/ftr-site-config · GitHub

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