images not displayed in self hosted, but displayed in fivefilters website

i’ve purchased the full text rss and i installed it in our website;

the script is not able to return images in our self hosted version (a long error code is returned instead), on the opposite, and using the same feed link, it returns the images inside your website.

Hi there, I emailed you regarding this issue. Just to clarify though, what you refer to as a long error code is in fact Javascript from the website containing the content. It’s not an error generated by Full-Text RSS, but it’s a sign that the HTML parser has failed to handle the HTML properly.

On we run things through Tidy first (Full-Text RSS does this automatically if it’s available on your system). Your server does not have Tidy enabled so this step cannot be performed. We do offer an alternative parser (html5lib) which you can enable for this site using a site config. I haven’t tested it, but I think it will handle the parsing better for this site. See and

Is it possible to turn on tidy and/ord the html5 parser in appfog? I’m struggling to figure out how to turn it on over there. When I check server compatibility, it says that there is no php tidy.


Hi Cynthia, it’s unfortunate PHP Tidy is not available on AppFog. You can enable the html5 parser by adding the line

parser: html5lib

to the global site config (site_config/custom/global.txt). However, we wouldn’t recommend this as this parser does not cope with all HTML pages very well. We may look into a PHP implementation of a Tidy alternative for future versions.

By the way, this is very crude, but may help with JS appearing in the output without Tidy support - you may need to change the first find_string line to match the script element(s) in the original page:

prevent JS issues with Tidy disabled