Images in rss feed

If you look at the original feed, I have story Intro and Image
embedded as media, the new feed cannot import both the intro and the
embedded media (image) that is included in that feed to the new one. It
imports the headline, and the rest of the story with any images other than
the lead image.

Please send me settings instructions or a custom config file so I can get
this done. I am not very tech savvy so any help would be very much

Hi there, could you please provide the feed URL you’re looking at?

Hi Kevyan,

The link of the feed is

Amar D. Gupta

Hi there, I’ve had a look at this and I’m afraid the markup is pretty crazy. Most content sites today use various HTML attributes to mark the content - e.g.

. This one offers no such help. There are many nested elements for no particular reason, e.g.

I’m afraid there’s not much we can do here to help.