images in preview and pdf but not in mobi/epub


I tried different webpages and the pictures are shown in the preview and in a generated pdf, but are not embedded in the mobi or epub files (readed on a kindle 2014 or the reader from Calibre software).

I know that not all webpages are working but I guess the fact I didn’t find a working one is not normal. Is it supposed to work if the pictures are shown in the preview ? If not do you have an URL which works with certainty to know if the problem occurs from my side ?
(Tried with Firefox and Opera extensions, works fine with pictures with the Amazon extension but I would rather use yours)

Hi there, sorry about that. We have separate servers which handle image processing and sometimes they go down. If that happens, images will appear in the preview, but not when the actual epub/mobi files get generated. The servers should be back up now. We’re working on fixing the downtime issues.

Thanks for reporting this, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Works fine now indeed, thanks.