Images aren't retrieved

I wrote a config for this site. Should be live in about an hour or so, till the cache of P2k has cleared.

Please check and report success or detailed problems

Both configs are live now.

For kommersant:

  • The embedded video will not shown even if you use the P2K browser plugin, due to use of JavaScript.
  • If not using browser plugin, all images are doubled in P2K. Just saw it now, becaus I could only test the configs with Fulltext-RSS which doesn’t have double images. I will look in to that, when finding some time, which could be in a few days.

@fivefilters could you please check what works best with P2K, as I can’t test this without waiting until the cache is reset.

One of these should work. All are good with FTR and wallabag, like the current live version too. The goal is to only have one of each image in the result of P2K and not doubled, like it is currently.

Replace the two current find/replace pairs as follows:

replace_string(noscript>): div>

#find_string: src="data
#replace_string: foo="data

#find_string: data-lazyimage-src="http
#replace_string: src="http

if that not works try:

strip: //noscript

find_string: src="data
replace_string: foo="data

find_string: data-lazyimage-src="http
replace_string: src="http

Maybe - but unlikely - a combination with tidy: yes might help

tried first guess myself now and the doubled images are gone. Only single images. So this one should be solved now.

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