IFTTT.com and feeds from Five Filters.

I would like to pull a full-content feed of my Pocket items into Evernote through IFTTT.com.

I’m able to generate the FiveFilters feed on your site, but when I attempt to create an IFTTT channel recipe, IFTTT rejects the URL as missing a feed title.

Hence my dream of Evernote-OCR’d full-text Pocket items (originating from Tweetbot) is again stymied.

Have you any advice for making the IFTTT accept the feed URL (is it the php? that disqualifies it)?
Or would you suggest another non-IFTTT means of drawing this content into Evernote?

Thanks in advance for any attention paid to this highly-individualized issue.

Hi Ben, thanks for reporting this. I’ve just tested this on IFTTT and experienced the same thing. It seems they’ve blocked our free service - all ftr.fivefilters.org URLs and IP addresses return that error. Not sure why they’ve done that - you’ll have to take it up with them.

I tested Full-Text RSS running on a different server, and it worked fine. So it’s not the URL itself that’s the problem. If you have access to a server running PHP, you could test it out by running our free self-hosted version (currently version 2.9.5) to see if it works - I think it will. If you’d like to try: http://code.fivefilters.org/full-text-rss

Actually, I’ve just noticed we’re blocking a number of IP addresses - it might be that we’ve inadvertently blocked their servers. Looking into it some more to see if it’s something our end.

I’ve just checked and it is actually blocked on our end. I’d forgotten that we’d placed a block on most Amazon EC2 IP addresses to lessen the load on our servers. IFTTT uses Amazon’s services to fetch feeds, that’s why they’re not getting through. Can’t do much about this right now, but I’ll see if we can remove the IP blocks once we’ve added more servers.