How we concatenate (or work with) a relative path on a featured image

I have to read a rss but I can’t to grab the featured image. I have same problem on some rss feeds. All the rss feeds have a common attribute, a relative path about stored image.


Can you help me?

Hi Mike, thanks for the question. We do in fact rewrite relative image paths. I noticed that the first two links point to articles which contain embed elements. We don’t rewrite URLs within those elements, but perhaps we should. The last one appeared to use regular images and that worked fine for me (did I miss something?)

Hi Keyvan,

Thanks for your answer.
Can you send me an example about a relative image path’s operation? If is easy to answer me (how to) on 3rd link.


Hi Mike,

If you open the 3rd link and look at the image URLs, you’ll see they begin with “/files/…” (a relative URL).

If you inspect the image URLs after that article has been processed by Full-Text RSS you’ll see the same images now have URLs beginning with “…”

So Full-Text RSS has resolved the relative image URLs so they’ll load correctly.