How to use next-page link correctly

can someone give me an example how to use next-page link correctly in feed?
e.g. this page:

There are only 8 items on page, the following items are on the next-pages.

What parameter I have to set to extract all items?

Thanks and regards

Hi Roland,

The next page link is only available in Full-Text RSS and not Feed Creator. It’s intended to grab articles that are split across multiple pages for no good reason.

Feed Creator expects all relevant links to be on a single page. It’s unlikely we’ll implement a next page feature for Feed Creator as the main use for feeds is to stay up to date with new articles. And the reason we created Feed Creator was to allow users to produce feeds for sites which don’t offer their own. So producing a feed which lists everything a site has available by following next page links is not what we had in mind for the tool.

In this case, there’s a feed available for the category:

We generally recommend users don’t create feeds using Feed Creator when an existing feed is available, because the original feed is likely to be much more reliable than one produced with our tool, which basically relies on the structure of the site staying the same - changes could easily break our generated feeds.

Hi Keyvan,
thanks for your answer.
But what I do not understand is, I can change the max item in Full-Text RSS to e.g. 50.
But for what should that be good for if the 'basic’feed created with FeedCreator has a limitation with number of items.
That doesn’t fit and also makes no sense.


Hi again,

The max items parameter is useful when the input feed has more items than you need. Full-Text RSS does a lot of work to extract content from a single feed item, so it makes no sense to do all that processing for however many feed items there happens to be in the input feed. Most feeds have roughly 10 items, but some will have a lot more. So we limit how many items we process and return. So by default, if you input a feed that has 50 items, Full-Text RSS will only return the first 10. If you want more, you can use the max items parameter to increase that number.

We generally don’t recommend increasing it too much as you’ll be hitting the source site a lot more and in many cases, those extra items will not even be used (e.g. if you’re using Full-Text RSS with a feed reader that’s already pulled in the feed recently).

If the input feed you have has, say, 5 items. Then setting max items to 10 or a 100 will make no difference, as the source feed only has 5 items for us to work with.

Hope that makes sense.