How to stop sending email notification of each "push"?

Each time I use the PTK mobile app to share/push-to-kindle a web page from my mobile device (Nexus 5), an email shows up in my email inbox alerting me that I have just PTK’d an article to my Kindle.

I do not want this. I do not want an email each time I PTK an item from my Nexus. Where in the mobile-app settings do I provide this instruction?

For the same reason, I am reluctant to install the PTK Chrome bookmarklet. I would like to install it (I’m currently using Amazon’s ‘send to Kindle’ Chrome app – which does not send any emails when I use it), but am worried it, too, will send an email each time I use it.

I don’t want to have to delete a bunch of emails every time I use the PTK app. Please provide instructions how to disable that function. Thanks.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the question.

This is unfortunately something that happens on Amazon’s side, not ours - the email you receive comes from Amazon not us. In the past, sending to rather than would result in delivery without the email notification, but we’re not sure if that’s still the case - we’ll check and update soon.

The only thing I can suggest for the time being is to set up an email filter to move/delete those emails. For example, anything with the subject line: “Your Amazon Kindle document is here” from the email address "" should be deleted.

We will post again here if we find another solution to this issue.