How to Start


I “purchased” Full-Text RSS around v2.8 ; at that time, there were few options from the web interface, that enabled me to start understanding “how it works”.

Now that I want to really use it (v3.0), I’m stuck, not knowing “how to start”: ever source I try returns one or zero item in feed. I’ve been through the config files, but it’s far from easy.

So to say, I feel left alone, missing some “startuper tutorial”. Is there any ?? Otherwise, how could you help me start using Full-Text RSS for real?


Hi Wally, you make a very good point and one which we really do want to address with a number of tutorials we’ve planned. Hopefully the first one will be published later today.

Full-Text RSS is aimed at news enthusiasts to use with their news reading software and developers who need content extraction as part of their application. How you get started really depends on which group you consider yourself to be in.

If you’re a news enthusiasts, getting started typically involves the following steps:

  1. Install Full-Text RSS (simplest method being to unzip and upload the contents to your web server)
  2. Access Full-Text RSS in your web browser
  3. Enter a feed URL which contains partial news content and click ‘Create Feed’
  4. Once the full-text feed is generated in your browser, copy the new URL in your address bar
  5. In your news reading application, replace the feed URL (the one you entered in step 3) with the one you’ve just copied
  6. From now on, when you get updates from this source in your news reading application, the updates should contain the full content.

We’ll expand on this soon, including recipes for developers. Feel free to reply if you have any questions.