How to remove content text?


I am trying to remove in-content text, here is the url:

The part I am trying to remove is at the end, just before a video:
También ve:

  • Mi querida amiga La Vagina
  • La vagina perfecta
  • ¿No estás teniendo sexo? Las posibles causas

Those lines are not inside a div or id. And for every post they appear similiar, not the same.


You can do this by stripping all elements which appear after a given element. I’ll try to look up the XPath expression and post it up later.

Alternatively, a hackier approach is to examine the HTML source and use the replace_string command to end the document at the point just before the undesired elements are about to start. e.g.

replace_string(<strong>También ve): </body></html>

Hope that helps.

Awesome, I will try it out and let you know how well it worked.

I am still interested on the first option though, because sometimes the items I need to remove are not at the end of the file.

Thank you!


hello again,
I must be doing something wrong, I just tested it and it’s doing nothing, it wont remove it.


Can you please email us the site config file you’re currently using and the URL you’re testing against. We’ll take a look for you. Email to