How to remove completely Full-Text RSS ?

Hi !
I installed by mistake this package on my Synology (DSM 6).
I removed it (uninstall in packages center)
But now, when I want to connect on my Web station server on 80 port (http), there is always the Full-Text RSS config page opening

Is there a solution to remove all the traces please ?

Hi there, we’re not familiar with Synology and don’t provide a Full-Text RSS package for it, so this might be a community-maintained package that you’ve installed. If so, it’s best to ask for support from either the people who maintain the package or people familar with Synology packages. (If anyone in this forum is familiar with that, hopefully they’ll chip in.)

Full-Text RSS is a PHP application, and typically installing it consists of placing all the Full-Text RSS files in the folder you want it run it, e.g. /full-text-rss/. Uninstalling would be removing that folder. But again, we’re not familiar with Synology packages, so there might be additional steps involved there.


Problem resolved: I deleted /var/services/web folder which contains some files from Full-Text RSS installation.

Thanx for your support.
Best regards.

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