How to rearrange body blocks I specified?

Hi. I’m extracting more than one divs under the body: pattern but they are shows in wrong order I want it to be. Changing order manually doesn’t help.
Example: body: //img[@id=‘poster’] | //div[@class=‘content’]
Results in DIV - 1st, IMG - 2nd
Example: //div[@class=‘content’] | //img[@id=‘poster’]
Results the same order.

Hi Neolo, XPath returns elements in document order, so if the div element appears before the img element in the document, you’ll get the elements returned in that order, regardless of how you write the XPath expression.

And there is no way to control that except of using Javascript or CSS?


Not at the moment - we may introduce something in a future version to make this easier. For the time being you’d have to pull out the elements from the Full-Text RSS result and then arrange them however you like.

Thank’s. For those who interested in external solution, I use short jQuery script in header of my website to rearrange items. Example:

Where will be processed before