How to get full text feeds into Feedly?

Hello all,

just bought Full-Text RSS yesterday.

Setup works fine this way I can enter a feed URL from another page, e.g. or

and after entering it at the index.php page, the browser gets redirected and I can see the full text of the feeds.

When I now try adding the URL in the browser window at Feedly, I unfortunately get the following message:

Sorry. Feed not found.

This URL does not point to a valid feed. It is possible that this feed existed in the past and is not longer published. It is also possible that you entered the wrong URL.

Tried this with and without caching and it just doesn’t work.

Any idea how to solve this?

Thanks and regards,


Hi Karsten,

Thanks for buying Full-Text RSS.

My guess is that Feedly does not wait long enough, but if you tried it with caching enabled, the second attempt should go much faster. Another thing to try is to change the max value from 50 to 1 (just in case it is the time it takes or size of the response that’s resulting in the error).

There are Feedly users who also use Full-Text RSS, and when I tried a few months ago I could add Full-Text RSS feeds. I’ll give it another try today and see if I notice the same issue.



I have this problem too – when trying to add any feed in Feedly or Feedbin. Altough it works with FreshRSS.

W3 validator complains that it’s not a feed but a normal web page.

I might have done something wrong, no idea. Self host, PHP 7.1 with Cloudflare enabled.

Hi Sevos, if W3 Validator complains it’s not a valid feed, there might be a problem with your installation. Can you send us a URL to the output of your Full-Text RSS installation? And are you using the latest version? You can send us a URL at