How to custom items link


I just purchase the hosted version. It respond at all my needs. I just have a problem. I want change item link by one link in article.

Sorry for my english. I’m french

Hi Rayk, sorry for the late reply. Can you please give us a little more information - I’m not completely sure I understand what you’re trying to do.

A example :

Feed :
Article : “EMC poursuit Pure Storage pour vol de secrets industriels”.
XML Code :

EMC poursuit Pure Storage pour vol de secrets industriels ... explique EMC dans la plainte reprise par <a href="" target="_blank" style="color: inherit; text-decoration: none;" name="readabilityLink-1">allthingsd</a> ... ...

I want change :
old :

new :

I take care to select the right filter for the right link in the description.


Hi Rayk, ok, I understand now.

Full-Text RSS cannot replace the URL in the feed output in the way that you would like, but it can do something similar.

You can create a site config file to tell Full-Text RSS to follow a link before it extracts the article. See single_page_link and single_page_link_in_feed in

But these are applied for each feed item, not the entire feed - so in your example, you would have to create a site config file called: and add:
single_page_link: //article//a
single_page_link_in_feed: //a

But these rules will only apply when Full-Text RSS processes a feed item from

Furthermore, the new URL will appear in the generated feed in dc:identifier - not in the or elements.

Hope that’s some help.

Best, Keyvan from