How to create a rss feed of a page which is build with JavaScript?

is it possible (or planned) to create rss feeds from websites which are build dynamically via JavaScript when you visited the page?

For example:!/video

if you look for the source code of this page, you will only find JavaScript. I only found one rss feed creator who can handles such pages.

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I second the interest and would like to see this feature implemented in the self-hosted edition. Any chance on putting this on the roadmap for the next release(s)?

Thanks in advance for having a look.



We do hope to support such pages. The problem, however, is that to do it properly you’ll essentially having to load a browser on a server, load the page in the browser (so all its associated Javascript and CSS get loaded and executed), and then extract the resulting HTML. That’s far more resource-intensive, and slower, process than what we do at the moment. But we are thinking about ways we can support it, both in our hosted and self-hosted options.

One option is to use Puppeteer (or any headless browser automation tool) to grab the html of the page (after letting JS execute, or even running your custom JS), then feed it to whatever conversion script you use. That is what I do, and it works very well.