How to create a rss feed of a page which is build with JavaScript?


is it possible (or planned) to create rss feeds from websites which are build dynamically via JavaScript when you visited the page?

For example:!/video

if you look for the source code of this page, you will only find JavaScript. I only found one rss feed creator who can handles such pages.

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I second the interest and would like to see this feature implemented in the self-hosted edition. Any chance on putting this on the roadmap for the next release(s)?

Thanks in advance for having a look.




We do hope to support such pages. The problem, however, is that to do it properly you’ll essentially having to load a browser on a server, load the page in the browser (so all its associated Javascript and CSS get loaded and executed), and then extract the resulting HTML. That’s far more resource-intensive, and slower, process than what we do at the moment. But we are thinking about ways we can support it, both in our hosted and self-hosted options.