how much time take to send file? PBsync

When i sent a file to kindle after 30 sec file is on the reader. When i send to pocketbook this take 10 min. It is normal ?

Hi there, when you send these files with Push to Kindle, we send an email with the documents immediately in both the Kindle case and the Pocketbook (PBSync) case. The delay is either a result of the PBSync servers being slower at processing the documents sent to them, or your Pocketbook not checking for new documents as quickly. There’s little we can do to control that side of things.

A good way to test this would be to send yourself a compatible document to your PBSync address directly (ie. not using Push to Kindle). You can even try downloading the ePub version of the articles we produce using the ‘No Kindle?’ tab and sending that as an attachment to your PBSync address. You can then see if you get the same delay as you do when using Push to Kindle - there shouldn’t be a difference.

Perhaps if there are Pocketbook users here they can tell us how long documents typically take for them to come through.