How do you want problem sites reported?

I’ve been enjoying Push to Kindle on my iPhone. I use it a lot with Apple News+ - it’s really nice to send long-form articles to the Kindle.

But Push to Kindle is really hit and miss with Apple News articles - I’d say about 50/50 chance of it working.

I’m happy to compile a list of example articles that don’t work, but before putting in the effort, would like to know if this is useful to you. And anything you can say about what info you’d like to have in such issue reports would help.


Hi Nick,

Glad you’re finding Push to Kindle useful. We do appreciate reports of sites that don’t work with Push to Kindle as we’re always trying to improve artice extraction.

At the moment our desktop browser extensions (e.g. for Chrome, Firefox, Safari) use a different method of retrieving article content which we are not yet able to implement in iOS due to the platform’s design. So you may find you have better luck sending articles using the browser extension.

But we are always trying to improve the mobile apps too, and we can often implement solutions on the server side so that our mobile apps can better extract article content. More than happy to look into articles you have trouble with.

…anything you can say about what info you’d like to have in such issue reports would help.

Simply giving us URLs to the articles is the best thing to do. No more than one or two URLs per site is fine. You can post them here or email us at

Cool, thanks. Here are a few that fail using the share sheet within Apple News. iOS of course.

Many thanks for these. We’re still looking to see if we can support such URLs. It’s quite odd because Apple News URLs sometimes do redirect to the source article, such as in the URL below:

For these URLs the source article URL is embedded in the HTML Apple News returns and Push to Kindle knows to follow the URL to get to the actual content.

But the ones you’ve provided here don’t embed the source URL in the HTML, so if I load them in my browser, there’s no automatic redirect and no source URL in the HTML at all. So it’s hard to know how to handle such URLs. I’m not sure why some Apple News URLs contain the source URL and some don’t.

At the moment, the only thing I can suggest is that you load Apple News stories you want to send to the Kindle in Safari on your iOS device and then invoke Push to Kindle from there. This should result in the actual article URL being used and not the Apple News URL.

Thanks for the update!

Unless I’m missing something, it’s not actually possible to open Apple News+ articles in Safari on iOS. So this may be a problem without a solution.

Thanks Nick. We’ll update here if you we learn more. When I checked the article titles you posted, most are publicly accessible articles, so it seems odd that Apple isn’t providing a link to them.