how can i change the shortcut key of the "kindle it" add-on?

the default shortcut key of “kindle it” is ctrl+shift+k",it 's not convenient for me,so i want to redefine the shortcut key (such as “k”,just one key)of this addon,what should i do to deal with this problem?

HI there, we’ve had similar feedback about this issue. In the next version we’ll either be changing the short cut key, or, hopefully, letting you assign your own.


Any advances regarding this issue? It’s almost one year old.

Too bad your unfortunate choice of shortcut made me remove this so useful add-on and stick to the much more laborious Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V on fivefilters website =/

Please have this list of shortcuts at hand for the next release:

Thank you for this great webapp!


Same here. I use PushToKindle on my phone too and know I’m removing it due to shortcut conflict :frowning:

Burak Yigit Kaya

Hi guys, sorry this has taken so long. We’ve just submitted a new version to fix this issue. The keyboard shortcut is disabled in the new version, but you can choose from 4 different shortcuts in the Addon’s options page (accessible when you view the Addons list in Firefox).

It’s in Mozilla’s queue to be approved, but you can grab it now from: - any feedback on this appreciated.