help with custom rule

Hello, to extract the large images out of this feed:
I set up a custom config file named
with this content:
body: //div[@class=‘imageStage’]
prune: no

But it does not work as I get:[unable to retrieve full-text content]

Any help would be greatly appreciated

HI George, I just tested this with Full-Text RSS 3.1 - saving your site config as in site_config/custom/ and it work for me. Which version of Full-Text RSS are you using?

I have tried with versions 2.7 and 2.8. Could you please check if these are incompatible or there is something else wrong on my side?


Hi George, yes, those older versions did not work so well for this type of extraction - selecting an element with an image inside but no text. In earlier versions of Full-Text RSS we treated such an element as empty, and would not return a result. We fixed this in version 3.0. The same site config file will work fine with the latest version of Full-Text RSS.