Help to grab content from 'Description Tab'… (clipped)

This is pulling random content. Sometimes it pulls the table to contents tab content; and sometimes (once) it pulls the description tab content.

I am trying to find where I can amend the filters so I can change what it grabs from the body. It only seems to allow me to have many options to grab the title / links. Please help!

We’ve made a change so it only picks up the description column for this site.

Full-Text RSS is primarily aimed at article content, so on pages like this, if there are no pre-defined rules for extraction, it will guess at the right content. If there’s a tab that has more text than another tab on a page, the tab with the most text could get treated as the main content, so that’s why you were seeing different results.

If you’d like to amend the extraction rules, you can submit them on our Github respository, or submit extraction rules in the siteconfig parameter.