Great service. Left alignment request

Hi, found this service today and sent a few articles to kindle. Looks great. Only thing I’d ask for is an option to left align. I also have a question about credits. What is the limit tied to? Kindle email address? Can I be a patron and send articles to multiple kindles?

Hi there, unfortunately the Kindle only lets you change text alignment on certain formats. As far as we know, the kind of formats the Kindle service accepts via its ‘Send to Kindle’ service does not allow alignment changes. So there’s nothing we can do at this point to produce documents that would allow that option to become enabled on the Kindle.

As for credits, they’re tied to the browser you use. You can be a patron of Push to Kindle and send to different Kindle addresses.

If you’d like to send to more than one Kindle address at the same time, you can use commas in the ‘Kindle email address’ field. So, for example, to send to and, you’d enter: mypaperwhite,myipad in the Kindle email address field. Both addresses should have the address listed as an approved address in the Amazon Kindle account to receive the documents though.

This multi-address sending feature is most useful when the addresses don’t belong to the same Kindle account. If you have more than one device registered to the same Kindle account, you can access documents from all your devices regardless of which Kindle address you send to (unless you’ve disabled personal document archiving).

Hope that’s some help.