Getting started with Kindle It

Just started using Chrome today, and checking out all the extensions and found Kindle It, which looks awesome. I understand the difference between the two kindle email addresses, and have used the address many times. But I cannot figure out where I enter my kindle email address to use the Kindle It Chrome extension!

Sorry for being such a dolt.

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the question. Once you install the Kindle It extension from this page , you should see a Kindle icon added to your Chrome toolbar (to the right of the long address bar). When you’re on a page you’d like send to the Kindle, click on the icon and it should load our web application, including the form which asks you for the email address. It will look something like this: . The left panel is where you enter you Kindle email address.

Let me know if you still have any trouble.

Yes, I’ve got the icon, and I’ve finally seen the form, but it whizzes by too fast to enter information, leaving a grey floral screen with this URL in the location bar:

I added to my AdBlock filter, but I wonder if is blocking Kindle It?? I’ll try another article, from another site.


Another attempt at getting those URLs to display properly. Let’s see if this works:

Chrome extension to install:
Kindle It screenshot (showing email field):

Nope - same thing happens with other sites, even with the test articles on the Kindle It home page. Any chance it’s Mac OS incompatibility bug? I’m using Mac OS 10.7.2, on a MacBookPro.


Hi again. It seems you’re doing everything right. I use Adblock Plus with Chrome and have no problem seeing the form or sending that article. is not blocking the service either. I will test on a Mac to see if I can reproduce this. Thanks for the report. If you have access to another browser, you can try pasting the URL you posted earlier to see if it produces the same result. I’ll report back once I know more.


Thank you! It seems to work fine in Firefox. For some reason, I thought Kindle It was a Chrome-only extension. I just started seriously using Chrome today, because I got frustrated with the loss of a couple of extensions in Firefox that are available in Chrome, and I found yours.

Guess I may have to use them both, but for different things. Thank you for your patience and persistence.


Great to hear about it working in Firefox. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I wasn’t able to reproduce this problem on a Mac either. I’ve just tested on OSX 10.7 running Chrome 15.0.874.121. If I find out what’s causing it I’ll post an update here.

Thanks for the report. There are a couple of extensions similar to ours (although each one works slightly differently) in the Chrome web store (Send to Kindle, Readability). Perhaps you’ll have more luck with those in Chrome.

Just an update to let you know that Kindle It seems to be working fine now in Chrome. I don’t know what’s different, but the page with the form is present and I’m able to enter my Kindle email address, and Kindle is receiving the documents.

Thank you for checking everything out.


Thanks for the update, Elizabeth. That’s great to hear.