Getting only subject title lines but not the full-text RSS feed

Hello dear fivefilters support team,

sadly I am unable to retrieve the full-text RSS feed for “”. Instead I just get the subject lines to each article. The RSS feed to this page reads:

For retrieving my feeds I am using the terminal application “Newsboat” in Ubuntu/Linux. Further I am using “” with my personal premium access key. Maybe you could look into this one?

Best regards, ThoLan

I wrote a config for this. We need to wait, until a dev aproves my PR1054

@ HogerAusB

Thank you for your reply and thanks for already working on my inquiry. I will keep track on your submitted config.

Thanks for reporting this @ThoLan and thanks for the fix @HolgerAusB!

Please let us know if there’s still an issue with the feed @ThoLan (the new site config is live now on the premium service).

@ HogerAusB

I just tested a multi-paged feed on, and it seems that every time a multi-paged feed is opened in my newsreader (Newsboat), only the first page is being displayed. On the bottom of the page you can see the “button” which would have to be clicked in the browser to open the next page.
Is there a way to load the whole feed, meaning all pages at once? Article example:

Then I got to the article below which has a link to a Youtube-Video on the bottom. This link is not shown or added to footnotes in the fetched article for the newsreader, instead there you can only read “[embedded content]”.

Both articles are from the feed

Maybe I find the time tomorrow, maybe today. Multipage should not be a problem. For Youtube it depends, how this is implemented.

Thanks for your quick response on a Sunday nonetheless! Take your time, I just wanted to point out my findings so far.

multipage is ready for aproval: PR1056

I never used footnoting of links. Unfortunately I don’t have the skills to fix that, yet. Remember: I am not staff or a dev, just a user. As this youtube video is embedded and not only as link, I don’t see, how to bring the link to the footer.

The video itself is still embedded to the fulltext-page and can be watched if the page is viewed in browser.

Many thanks for your work, and as a regular user at that! In fact I had the idea you actually were part of the official support team, because of your quick responses even over the weekend and your raspberry avatar icon. :slight_smile:

Also thanks for looking into the “embedded video” part of my link example. Maybe the official support team has an idea for that. Again, thanks for your time on a Sunday evening.

Your fix to retrieve multiple-page articles from the feed is by far more important to me than the embedded video-link one to YouTube.

Thanks @HolgerAusB, it has been merged! @ThoLan, this change is now live and should work for new articles processed with Full-Text RSS. Please let us know if you notice anything else.

As for the “[embedded content]” appearing, Full-Text RSS preserves the <iframe> element, and places “[embedded content]” inside it for readers that cannot render video, such as text-based readers like Newsboat. The element in the Full-Text RSS output becomes:

<iframe width="560" height="315" 
title="YouTube video player"...>[embedded content]</iframe>

We’ll have to experiment to see if in the case of YouTube iframe videos, we can insert something more useful here, like the YouTube URL or a link.

I see. Since I am using Newsboat as my regular feed reader I would be interested in getting the option of an additional YouTube URL link. Thank you for pointing out the technical aspects though I am merely an end-user.