Get better YouTube thumbnails

Is it possible to replace the default ugly “hqdefault” thumbnail with the great “maxresdefault” thumbnail in youtube playlist rss feed?

no i.ytimg. com/vi/EmWDUmFV6yY/hqdefault.jpg
yes i.ytimg. com/vi/EmWDUmFV6yY/maxresdefault.jpg

createfeed.fivefilters. org/index-mergefeeds.php?

Unfortunately not something that it’s currently possible to do with Feed Creator.

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Feature Request: replace the post entry URL’s domain.
For example: replace “” with “”, in order to get video clips via RSS feed

Thanks. Can you please explain in an little more detail what you mean by this. Perhaps with examples?

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It’s connected to my first issue:
To replace elements in the URL of the feed entry or entry’s attachment.
First example: to replace “hqdefault” with “maxresdefault” in the attached image file in youtube feeds.
Second example: Bibliogram is necessary to get a RSS(xml), but bibliogram’s (feed entry) URLs to instagram video clips often don’t create a proper preview in social networks. So it would be helpful to exchange above mentioned element of the URL, in order to get best link preview of the instagram clip.

Would be a great feature

Ah I see. Thanks for clarifying. If we get more requests for this kind of thing, we’ll consider it for a future update.

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