Generating Feed for Filtered Webpage Returns Nothing

Hello! I’m in the process of creating RSS feeds for my friends and I as we job search-- some companies/positions are not reliably listed anywhere but a career page. I’ve run into an issue where I can generate a simple feed from a whole page, but if that page is filtered by department it doesn’t work anymore despite still having the same selectors. I’m pretty new to HTML so I wanted to post to see if anyone could help me out here.

Whole page -
Easy-peasy! Used JobsViewstyles__FilteredResults-sc-xcdagw-2. Works, but this site has a ton of listings that is broken up by page, would like to narrow it down by department and then filter in feed creator (ex. Department: Art & Animation, then further filter by Animation-only listings).

Filtered page -
Despite JobsViewstyles__FilteredResults-sc-xcdagw-2 still being an available selector, the preview no longer returns anything. I can return selectors for the header, footers, contact, whatever, but nothing of the body itself.

Help? :sweat_smile:

Hi there,

Unfortunately the second link you provide doesn’t actually contain the search results in the HTML. The results are loaded in as a result of executing Javascript. We don’t support this yet in Feed Creator.

We’ve written a little more about this in our guide below, under the section “Javascript-generated elemented”.