full text Rss

I have a couple of questions which I was wondering if you might be able to answer

1: it is possible to specify a cut off to the number of characters output in the RSS feed? In other words, would it be possible to say use the service but not have the full page processed, but to limit it to say, 600 characters? (The reason being that I’m developing a mobile app and I’d like to conserve bandwidth.)

2: is it possible to append text to the end of the feed, i.e read more… or an url image as a footer.

Many thanks

Hi Ron,

Thanks for the questions.

  1. It’s not yet possible to do this, but we hope to have something like this in the next version.

  2. It’s possible to append text to the end of each feed item. Have a look at the config file and look for $options->message_to_append

Hope that helps.

Just an update to say Full-Text RSS 3.2 makes it possible to have only excerpts returned. See http://blog.fivefilters.org/post/50420758154/full-text-rss-3-2