Full-Text RSS Pre Purchase Questions

Hello, me interested to buy Full-Text RSS, and want to use it in autoblogged wordpress plugin, I have dedicated server at hostgator but me not much familiar with coding, and installation of Full-Text RSS seems much complex.So, I want to ask are you provide free installation server with purchase ?. More once an rss feed added in Full-Text RSS and then added in autoblogged wordpress plugin, then is that feed generate automatic daily new full text feeds ? or I need to produce Full-Text RSS feed daily ?

Waiting for your supportive response.


Hi Kashif, we can’t help with using Full-Text RSS with other packages, but as far as installation goes, it should be pretty simple. I would suggest you start with our free version (currently 2.9.5) found at http://code.fivefilters.org/full-text-rss/ to see if it works with your server.

We do not install the software for customers, but we’re happy to assist customers if they have trouble setting it up.

As for URLs generated by Full-Text RSS, you do not need to do anything to update them. When those URLs are requested by your application, Full-Text RSS will extract and return the latest content.

Hope that helps.