Full Text RSS not working

I am having a lot of issues with a plugin that uses fivefilters to pull full rss feeds into my wordpress posts.

The text in the feeds show up in one single column on the left side like string with one word. I have attached a screenshoot of what the feed looks like. I have also attached a screenshot what my host provider said about the issues.How Text Appears on PostMessage from My hosting company

I’m afraid we can’t help with WordPress issues - we do not offer a WordPress plugin at the moment.

We can help with the output of Full-Text RSS itself, but you will need to provide links to the output you’re having trouble with. I can’t load these links you provided (they redirect to Facebook) but “How text appears on post” suggests you’re looking at the results of a WordPress plugin, not the output of our sofware directly.

If you go to http://fivefilters.org/content-only/ you can enter a URL of a web article and see how Full-Text RSS produces the output. If it looks wrong to you, feel free to share that here so we can take a look.