Full Text RSS from Blog (WP) with Pagination


i am experimenting with your solution. the only problem that i have is with posts on multiple pages (pagination). your service returns just the first page. The article as no “One Page Option” just page numbers and “next page” links.

Question: Does your multi page support require the “One Page Option” to work properly?

Hi Andreas,

Full-Text RSS has two ways of retrieving multi-page articles:

  1. You can write a custom site config file for the domain in question and use the single_page_link directive to select the single page link using an XPath expression.

  2. If no single page link exists, you can use the next_page_link directive and point to the next page link using an XPath expression.

We have such rules already in place for a number of sites. If you give us the URL of the page in question we can have a look and see if we can create a site config file.

Hi Keyvan,

I am encountering the same problem. The site in question is the following:

Any help will be aprecciated!


Hi Luiz,

You didn’t mention what you’d tried. But here’s our attempt: