Full text rss always update the feeds

im using FULL-TEXT RSS (own hosting)
How can i always keep feeds always cached and updated

i host FULL-TEXT RSS on my server (with caching enabled) , and i have an android app to view the feeds

at the start of the app android will download the feed (within 1 second ) using the fill text library (very fast cuz it is cached)

the problem is when the url cache time expires (more than 10 min)
then the app will take too much time (about 10 secs) to wait for the library to check and parce the updated feed

how can i make FULL-TEXT RSS always automatically update the feeds without me or the android app visit the feed link manually ?

Hi Hasan,

There is currently no way to tell Full-Text RSS to update feeds and cache them automatically. If you’ve set up caching, you could create a cron job or some other kind of scheduled task which will request the feed every few minutes to ensure it remains cached. This won’t guarantee that your own application will always retrieve a cached copy (it might request when the cache has expired and before your scheduled task has requested the feed again), but it will request a cached copy more often that it does now.

Another way to reduce the processing time is to reduce the number of feed items you ask Full-Text RSS to return. The larger the number, the longer the (uncached) request will take to complete.

Hope that’s some help.