Full List of Site Pattern Parameter?

Just bought Full-Text RSS 3.1 and it’s amazing.

I’m experimenting a lot with custom site patterns at the moment and was wondering is the a list of all available parameters, because “http://help.fivefilters.org/customer/portal/articles/223153-site-patterns” does not seem to be complete. I found things like “and” and “or” argumants in the site_config/standard/ txt files. Even wildcards “//*[(@class” seem to be possible, are these things documented somewhere?

Thanks Stephan, glad you’re finding it useful.

Most of the site patterns use XPath expressions. That’s too much for us to cover on our help page, but you’ll find info on these here:


Only XPath 1.0 is supported in Full-Text RSS.

We have been meaning to create a simple tutorial with useful XPath expressions for Full-Text RSS. Hope to have that up soon.

Thanks, exactly what i needed. Didn’t knew that’s what XPath meant.

Stephan H