FTR read Feed Creator feed

(I’m sure someone has already asked this…)

I want to:

  1. Use Feed Creator to create a feed from a web page, then…
  2. Have FTR extract the full text from the feed created by Feed Creator

Is there a site config file that handles a feed created by Feed Creator?

When you use Feed Creator, you’ll see a button on the preview column labeled ‘Service shortcuts’. You can use that and have the generated feed processed by Full-Text RSS.

Essentialy how this works is that the input to Full-Text RSS becomes the RSS feed URL generated by Feed Creator. So you can also just copy the feed URL Feed Creator produces and paste it into the Full-Text RSS form. It should be treated like any other feed.

I figured out my issue. I’m hosting FTR and FC in a docker container so both are on localhost.

When I do this:


I get this error:

php-fpm | NOTICE: PHP message: PHP Notice: A feed could not be found at http://localhost/fc/extract.php? Empty body. in /var/www/html/ftr/libraries/simplepie/library/SimplePie.php on line 1395

BUT when I change the hostname in the FC URL to “webserver” (the name of the docker container), FTR works correctly. It’s because I’m using a docker bridged network which confuses the meaning of “localhost”.

It’s a docker thing.

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Thanks for posting this, that’s good to know. We hope to offer a Dockerised version of Full-Text RSS and Feed Creator at some point in the future, so we’ll keep this in mind.