FreshRSS isn't accepting any Full-Text RSS 3.8 URLs

I’ve setup FreshRSS and Full-Text RSS 3.8 in Docker containers but FreshRSS isn’t accepting any RSS feed that’s been turned to full text, can anyone help me resolve this issue? Below is the workflow I use with screenshots. Don’t focus on the RSS feeds I’m using because the problem occurs with every RSS URL feed I try.

  1. Full-Text RSS produces full text with locahost URL just fine.

  1. Produces a good full text URL but it is messy.

  1. I get an error as soon as I try to the URL produced by Full-Text RSS 3.8 by clicking the Add Button

  1. FreshRSS won’t load the feed.

  2. Here is the error from the FreshRSS Logs:

Unknown error for feed [http://localhost:8080/makefulltextfeed.php?]

Do FreshRSS and Full-Text RSS 3.8 have to be using the same port number? I need help fixing this issue.

I am not that good in docker. But I think, if you reference ‘localhost’ within your FreshRSS container it looks INSIDE the FreshRSS container, but maybe I am wrong. Try to use the host ip instead.

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It seems to work when I add http://fullfeedrss/makefulltextfeed.php?url= before the feed url.

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