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I am interested in your “full text RSS” service. Before buying a premium license, I would like to test the tool with different rss feeds that I use in my monitoring. But some feeds are not working.

For example, this one :

There is not all the texte and all the image.

What do I have to do to be able to consult these feeds “normally”?

Thank you,

Hi there, are you able to provide a URL to an article on this site and describe what’s missing in the Full-Text RSS output. We can then see if we can improve extraction for the site.

Hi ! !Thanks for your answer.

here si a link for example :

Thank you !

Thanks for that. We’ve added site-specific extraction rules for the site now. You can see the updated results here: Comptwoirs – Twog

Let us know if you notice any other issues.

Thank you! It’s already much better!

There is still a problem with the image viewing: no image of the tweets is displayed. Do you think it is possible to display them?

Thank you very much

It’s not possible at the moment because the images are displayed when the tweet text is replaced by the embedded tweet. The replacement happens with Javascript and Full-Text RSS at the moment does not process Javascript.