Formatting issues in Substack articles on PocketBook


I’m using PocketBook InkPad X and I sent an article [1] to my device. While overall formatting was good, the images weren’t centered horizontally and protruded past the right screen boundary, so that the rightmost part of the images were not visible.

I don’t know whether it is a PocketBook issue or a PushToKindle one. If you think that’s PocketBook’s fault, I’ll reach out to their support.

I also tried to download this article in Mobi format as a workaround, and the images were fine, but the rest of formatting was bad, especially quotes from another articles.


[1] Bitcoin mining and resource use - Noahpinion

Thanks for letting us know. Have you noticed this on other epub files from Push to Kindle, or just from this article/site?

It looks like it happens to other articles as well, even outside of Substack, I tried these three:

I also tried dotepub bookmarklet (I hope it’s OK to mention it here :slight_smile:) - while overall formatting was worse, the images were centered.

Thanks for the added information. And it’s perfectly fine to mention dotepub here. :slight_smile: We’ll check to see if there’s anything we can do to improve this.

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