format and html url params

Can you guys tell me what version of the software these were added in? I don’t see them in the changelog, and stuffing them on the end of my 2.5 self-hosted version’s urls doesn’t change anything in the browser, and stuffing them on the end of the 2.9 hosted version also doesn’t do anything, although I understand those may be premium features not available on the general test form.


OK, so now I see the html flag in the 2.5 code - I just misinterpreted what it was intended to do.

I do not see the format param in 2.5 or in the online version of 2.7; do I correctly infer that this is a 2.9 feature that is premium only on the hosted site?


Hi Cori,

The html flag has been around since at least version 2.1. Might not have been documented before because it’s one of those features that most of our users don’t need - in fact it’s created a bit of confusion since we documented. Details here: (although I guess you’ve seen this now).

The format param was added in 2.8. It’s currently only used to tell Full-Text RSS to return JSON rather than RSS (it should return the same information you’ll get in RSS output, just formatted as JSON). This feature is currently only available in our self-hosted version. We’re thinking about making it available for premium hosted customers, but it’s unlikely to be available in our free hosted service.

Hope that’s some help, let me know if anything’s not clear.

Thanks Keyvan, I ended up convincing my client to purchase the most recent version and now see the JSON option.

Cori Schlegel

Thanks for the update. That’s good to hear.